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Collaborations with John Fleck

Randee Trabitz has collaborated with John Fleck on multiple productions including Blacktop Highway, Dirt, Me, Snowball's Chance in Hell, and Nothing Beats Pussy.  

“[AN] EXUBERANT PHANTASMA… Theater at its most essential… a vehicle for Fleck to play with deeper ideas about the nature of reality and representation, as well as our particular political moment. ”  — Jenny Lower Beckman, Los Angeles Times

"With the taut co-direction of Randee Trabitz, the evening rapidly pendulums between the whimsy and confession, until these two conceits become interchangeable."

– LA Weekly Theater Pick of the Week for ME

"Irrepressible energy and engaging presence.” 

The New York Times

Just when you find yourself thinking that Fleck, as he flits amongst his myriad hilarious stage props making hay of the most basic of set design and wonderfully contrived videos, is a total madman and thus dismissable, a tech glitch occurs in the performance. And there he is, exposed, the Wizard of Oz with the curtain pulled back, the producer/director/actor, deep into playing three roles (and a few animals) and, dang, he’s lost his video projection. Surfacing from the madness in a nanosecond, he breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience with a brief apology for the screw-up. A quick fix, in the dark, in the form of a production assistant has Fleck again immersed in his nutty drama. And you’re watching this and you’re thinking, “Damn, that was good.”


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