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Professional Theater

Selected Works 

The Solid Life of Sugar Water at Deaf West, Los Angeles, CA

Sugar-Water 5.jpg

Candid, uninhibited and visceral. A Deaf couple’s relationship is revealed through their lovemaking in a startlingly intimate portrait of a marriage — made even more intense by Deaf West Theatre’s signature performance style combining American Sign Language with spoken English. Deaf West Theatre presents the American premiere of The Solid Life of Sugar Water by Tony Award-winning playwright Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) in a Limited Engagement.

Reviews & Press:

“WOW! Don’t be surprised if it ends up being one of the year’s most acclaimed, talked-about productions.”

- Stage Scene LA

"[The projections are] a device that works well and adds to the texture of director Randee Trabitz's  beautiful stage pictures.

-OnStage Los Angeles 

"Director Randee Trabitz has restaged the work as such, and it’s an emotionally vibrant production"

-Stage Raw

Collaborations with John Fleck

Reviews & Press:

"There are gale-force winds with less vigor than John Fleck."

– The Village Voice

"Irrepressible energy and engaging presence.” 

– The New York Times

Friends with Guns at The Road Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

You think you know your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, but what happens when you suddenly find out they have a garage full of guns? This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal couples are forced to confront their assumptions about who should own a gun and why. The time of easy answers regarding this issue is long gone. In the wake of current events, we are all forced to reexamine our strongly held beliefs about gun ownership. Friends With Guns explores the question of what we can compartmentalize…and what we can’t. It examines what happens when guns enter the conversation. It pulls the curtain back on liberals with guns. It asks what happens when suddenly one person in a marriage does a 180 on the gun issue. And it does all of this through a female lens.

Reviews & Press:

"Trabitz nails down every laugh early on, then sneakily builds the tension to a level that will floor you."

-F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times Review

Happy End at the galleries in MOCA's Geffen Contemporary Museum, Los Angeles, CA

In honor of the 100th anniversary of composer Kurt Weill's birth in the year 2000, arts organizations worldwide presented a vast array of productions, performances and symposia. As  part of these centenary celebrations, Randee Trabitiz directed production of Bertilt Brecht's and Kurt Weill's Happy End in the galleries in MOCA's  Geffen Contemporary Museum.

Happy End
Reviews & Press:

"Director Randee Trabitz literally surrounds and bombards the audience with a spectacle of sight and sound, including silent movie clips that are framed like paintings on the wall"


Hedwig and the Angry Inch at King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta, GA

Molly Sweeney at Son of Semele, Los Angeles, CA

The award-winning Irish playwright's drama about what it means to see is re-envisioned in a new Los Angeles production. The cast includes three veterans of the Los Angeles theatre scene. Melina Bielefelt, in the title role, was joined by Matthew McCallum as her husband, Frank, and John Ross Clark as her doctor, Mr. Rice. Randee Trabitz directed Molly Sweeny at the Son of Semele Theater. 


Reviews & Press:

"...a tender, profound staging of Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney..."
- Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"Randee Trabitz directs her excellent ensemble on a stage divided by two translucent scrims."
- Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly

"Molly Sweeney is such a beautifully constructed play, but very tricky; director Randee Trabitz and stand out performers made it it all look effortless."
- Jennie Webb

Artificial Jungle at The Lounge Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Reviews & Press:

"The Artificial Jungle is a well-done trifle about the selfishness of human animals, and under Randee Trabitz's direction it's a great showcase for [her] team."

-Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly

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